In order to have a lasting joy of your jewelery.


For your jewelry our goldsmith is offering the following services:



- Engraving


- Ring processing


- Pearl necklace knots


- Control of pearl necklaces


- Sockets and closures


- Stone replacement


- Soldering


- Processing and purification


- And much more





In order to have a lasting joy of your watches.


For your watches our watchmakers are offering the following services:



- Water resistance test


- Glass replacement


- Factory exchange


- Battery and strap change


- Repair of watch hands / dials


- Crown repair


- Repairing old watches


- Cleaning and Maintenance


- And much more



Care instructions


Leather and rubber


are natural products. Natural materials such as leather, rubber and artificial leather can easily fade by wearing.

Therefore we recommend you to remove the piece of jewelry when sleeping and to avoid contact with water or detergents.

The material can brittle when getting exposed to water. Please always remove when showering.



Silver Jewelry


Our silver jewelry is made of a 925 silver alloy = sterling silver.


Sterling silver is softer than for example gold and therefore it is much more vulnerable to scratches and dents which can often

happen unnoticed every day. But this is a natural material property of silver and not a

manufacturing or material defect. Depending on humidity, carbon dioxide and sulfur content of the air or body sweat, perfume

or skin cream, silver jewelry can oxidize, which means it can become dark. Heat, dust and air drafts can cause tarnishing.

Furthermore silver reacts with hydrogen sulfide and even with sulfur-containing decorative elements.

An exchange due to discoloration or scratching can therefore not be made.



Value retention and cleaning


The shop you trust should check your jewelry from time to time.

They can give you expert advice on care and repairs.


Through gentle and careful handling you can increase the life of your jewelry piece.


Jewelry should decorate you. If you do housework please remove it, especially if you work with water and chemicals,

do sports, take a shower, etc. to protect it against chemical and mechanical influences.

It is also important, to remove the jewelry in the evening before you are going to bed.

You should store each piece of jewelry separately in a dry box. When putting your jewelry on, you should always pay

attention if the locks are closing proper to prevent any loss.

Bracelets and bangles should be put on over a table so they can not fall on the ground.


Your piece of jewelry should give you joy for a long time.

Jewelry is raising your self-esteem and your quality of life.



Water resistance


No density. Must not come into contact with water.


ATM - waterproof.

It is a statement about the theoretically possible maximum value a watch with imprint "water resistant" can be loaded.


Watches marked like this were tested from the manufacturer by a standardized method for water tightness.


This theoretically possible water pressure must be avoided in daily practice for safety reasons because even when

jumping into the water a stronger pressure can occur at the water surface.


3 ATM 30 meters

Rain, splashing water suitable.

No showers, swimming, no significant temperature and pressure fluctuations.

Resistant to accidental exposure to water. Normal daily contacts with water.


5 ATM 50 meters

Rain, splashing water suitable.

Bathing and showering limited because significant temperature and pressure fluctuations affect the tightness. No water sports.


10 ATM 100 m

Bathing, showering, swimming and water suitable.

Suitable in shallow water for every water sport such as snorkeling, scuba diving without equipment.


20 ATM 200 meters


Suitable for all water sports including scuba diving in any water depth.